Friday, May 29, 2015

Advice to guys about selecting a ring design

I see lots of young men coming into my showroom completely overwhelmed with what design to pick as her engagement ring. The first thing I ask is "did she show you a picture of a ring she likes" or "did she mention anything about the design of the ring that she is expecting". Most of the time they say that they do have an idea of the design but she is leaving it up to me to make the final decision, that is a customer that is 90% sure of what to buy. How about the men that come in and say "she does not know anything about what I am about to purchase and therefore I need your help". I always suggest that you buy the diamond that you can afford and mount the diamond on a simple setting (not very expensive) so that she can make the final decision as to the style of ring she will end up with. This approach seems to work well and there is less stress in the presentation of the ring.
If you are the type of person who feels they need to be in total control of the situation then I strongly suggest that you do your homework and not give her something that she will hate and remind you of that  for many years to come.
Therefore, make this a positive experience, get as much information as possible, and in the end she will be happy and so will you. For further advice on this issue, please feel free to call me and discuss your particular situation or come into my showroom.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Sol Dunst
Sol Jewelry Designs


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