Friday, May 29, 2015

Touch before buying !

Touch & Feel before buying your next piece of jewelry

This is a reprint of an earlier posting which I thought was relevant today as much as before.

I know that buying on-line has become the trend these last few years. I also know that touching and feeling what you are about to buy makes more sense, especially if we are about to spend a large amount of money.
Sure, you can sit in front of your computer and click on a piece of jewelry that looks nice, provide your credit card information and in a few days the item shows up at your doorstep. But do you really know what to expect when you open that package? I don't think so, you have no idea how this item will look on you and you become disappointed and start the struggle to ship it back and wait for your refund.
We offer jewelry at prices comparable to internet prices with better quality, and the advantage of being able to try things on and listen to my expert opinion about what looks best on you before you spend a single dollar. How much better can it get?
Customers need to start appreciating the hands on experience in buying jewelry from an honest vendor and not just go on-line and buy something that looks good on your computer monitor or smart phone. As a professional jeweler, I have spend years designing jewelry for individuals who end up having a smile on their face because they know this piece of jewelry was made for them and for their specific taste. If you are willing to spend a little time to come into our showroom, I guarantee that the experience will be well worth it.
Please give me a call at 213 622-7772 and set up an appointment before making your next jewelry purchase. 
Hope to see you soon,

Sol Dunst
President, Sol Jewelry Designs


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